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Dog Sledding

Dog Sledding in Abisko has to be one of the most amazing ways to experience the Arctic. Traditionally used to transport people and goods across longer distances, Dog Sledding was also often used to deliver mail to more rural communities. Today Dog Sledding is still used by some communities as a means of transportation but is now most widely enjoyed by tourists throughout the Arctic. Being pulled through the Kiruna Mountains heading deep into Abisko National Park by a pack of enthusiastic dogs, often into areas that would otherwise be inaccessible, this experience will provide you with a unique joy and amazement that only Dog Sledding can offer.

En route you will have a great opportunity to photograph the wilderness whilst you sit back on board your dog sled and enjoy the majestic mountains of the Arctic. Dog Sledding is one of the most popular activities in the Abisko and Bjorkliden area, and with trips limited to four people per sled dog team spaces book up fast, so we suggest booking early to avoid disappointment.

Dog Sledding Trips

Abisko – Winter Wonderland Dogsledding

Abisko, Sweden

From SEK 1695
2 h

Abisko – Winter Wonderland Dogsledding

Experience the breath taking landscape of Swedish Lapland behind a bunch of wagging tails. Join us on our big small adventure!