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Abisko is approximately 100 km west of the town of Kiruna in Swedish Lapland. It is located about 200 km into the Arctic circle and frequently lies within the auroral oval, meaning that chances of seeing the Northern Lights are very high. In the summer you can experience the midnight sun with 24 hours of sun light for a number of weeks a year.

Aron Anderson

Winter in Abisko

Being located within the Arctic and very frequently inside the auroral oval means that during the winter, Abisko experiences fantastic Northern Lights displays. On most nights, from the onset of winter in October, all the way through to March, Auroras are visible in the sky. With winter also comes snow, and lots of it! Much of it gets transported across the mountains by western winds, providing the otherwise dry area with a considerable snow pack. This creates good conditions for skiing, dog sledding and snowmobiling to name but a few.

Summer in Abisko

During the summer nights, Abisko is lit up by the midnight sun. With the winter snow gone, great activities such as hiking, mountain biking and golf all become available. Even though the summers are short, it can get quite warm with temperatures sometimes reaching into the high twenties.

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