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Abisko – STF Aurora Sky Station Night Visit

The world's most illuminating experience


4 hours


Abisko, Sweden


The world's most illuminating experience

Turn off your lights and let the chairlift transport you one step closer to space, up to Mt. Nuolja. Slowly you glide up to STF Aurora Sky Station, 900 meters above sea level. The mighty mountains in front of you, a starry sky above you and the silence surrounding you gives you a sense of eternity. The nature itself breathes in anticipation. With some luck you might see a sudden flare of green light, and before you know it the northern lights are dancing in the sky right above you, and you are caught in a meeting between earth and space.

Because of new corona restrictions, the café at STF Aurora Sky Station will be closed from the 1st of March. However, the chairlift will keep on running, and we will welcome you at STF Aurora Sky Station as usual. Instead of the café we will offer warm beverages outside. For the adventurous guests we will also offer guided snowshoe walks up on the mountain.
Welcome to a corona safe northern light adventure!

Return ticket for the chairlift
Warm Clothes
Access to STF Aurora Sky Station

Useful information:
Only for children that are 12 years or older.
When booking any of our Northern Lights adventures at STF Aurora Sky Station, we cannot guarantee that you will see the Northern Lights.

Due to adverse weather conditions; strong winds, very low temperature, blizzards, etc STF Aurora Sky Station may be closed at short notice for safety reasons. Statistics from previous seasons show that STF Aurora Sky Station is open 90% of the time scheduled and that the Northern Lights have been visible on 70% of the nights when STF Aurora Sky Station was open.

Aurora Lounge – alternative program
Nothing can replace viewing the Northern Lights from STF Aurora Sky Station, but when weather conditions make it impossible, we offer our guests an alternative program.

NB: No part of the amount paid for a visit to STF Aurora Sky Station will be refunded if your intended visit to STF Aurora Sky Station is replaced by the Aurora Lounge Program.

Cancellations can be made up to 14 days before arrival. After this time, no reimbursements of amounts paid will be made.

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